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Registered qualified Personal Coach Leonie Dykes offers advice, encouragement and support on fitness and nutrition to help inspire and motivate East Riding Mums.

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The chances are most of you reading this have been on some form of a diet at one time or another.

The chances are it didn’t work, after maybe losing weight initially you ended up right back where you started or worse and often the case….. heavier.

I personally hate the word DIET, it means there is a beginning and an end and there never should be, you need to think of it as a lifestyle change that is ongoing, which can at the beginning seem daunting.  With the right help and guidance and information this can be overcome I promise. I am available to discuss in more detail for those that would like help in producing permanent weight loss and sustainable results, my contact details are at the bottom of this article.

This is a huge area to discuss in one short article so I have put together some valuable pointers and things to remember and why.

Ultimately the best way to avoid obesity is to limit your total calories not just fat or just carbohydrates.

You must also remember that one shift in eating habits for one person may not suit someone else.

Are you maybe fooling yourself that you are eating healthily?

You just had your salmon dinner and steamed veg and now sat tucking into a bag of haribo and glass of wine? Ummmmm . Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying deny yourself of things you enjoy but be aware.

PROTEIN To help reduce fat you need to look at how much protein you are eating…look at trying to set your protein level at 30% of your total calories.

Why eat protein? Researchers believe that protein is the most effective nutrient for switching off hunger signals, so this helps you stop over eating.

FAT Fat is very calorie dense and easy to over consume. They are less satisfying even in the short term and so again easy to over eat. The fats you do eat should consist of unsaturated fatty acids, in particular mono unsaturated fats and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

(Alcohol can encourage fat storage…. Put simply alcohol cannot be stored in the body; it must be oxidised and converted into energy. While this is happening the oxidation of fat and carbohydrate is suppressed and so these are channelled into storage instead. Let’s not forget most alcoholic drinks contain sugars and other carbohydrates which increase the calorie content further.)

Why eat Fat? Growing evidence shows that the fats mentioned above can help to prevent all manner of ailments from heart disease and cancers to immune system deficiencies, arthritis, skin complaints, PMS, menopausal problems and more. One type of essential fatty acids called Omega-3 oils have now been shown by researchers to be particularly important in the diet. These fats – found most commonly in oily fish such as mackerel, herring, salmon, tuna and trout – reduce the blood’s tendency to clot thus helping to prevent heart disease and strokes.

CARBOHYDRATES The right kind of Carbohydrates are important to your diet. The trick is to choose carbs that have higher amounts of fibre and water as apposed to dry, sugary starch rich carbs.

 Why eat Carbs? Indiscriminately cutting out carbs can cause the exact opposite of what you are trying to avoid…… fat storage.

 So for now, in summary, watch your portion control, if you do less eat less. If you do more, eat more.

I recommend your plate should be made up as follows:

1/4 protein

1/4 starchy carbs/ fats

1/2 fibrous carbs (veg/ salad)

Steak (preferably grass fed) Whole Eggs
Ground Beef lean (preferably grass fed) Egg Whites
Bison (preferably grass fed) Greek Yogurt
Ham Cottage Cheese
Pork Beans
Chicken (preferably free range) Lentils
Wild Caught Fish  
Canned Tuna  
Turkey Sausage and Turkey Bacon
Ghee Fish
Butter Beef
Almond Milk Lamb
Coconut Milk Bacon
Nuts/Seeds and Nut Butters Ham
Shredded Unsweetened Coconut Unsweetened Coconut
Coconut and Almond Flour Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Cured Meats Fish oil
Avocado Olives
Cheese (full fat) Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Whole Eggs Seeds: Chia, Flax, Pumpkin, Sunflower
Old Fashion Steel-cut Oats Potatoes
Brown Rice Squash
Quinoa All Vegetables
Jasmine Rice Whole Wheat Pasta
Ezekiel Bread Honey
Fruit Barely
Couscous Beans
Sweet Potatoes Lentils

Leonie, set up Modern LJ Pilates over 3 years ago and holds weekly classes across East Riding, she also offers 121 sessions from her home in South Duffiled. Take a look at her WEBSITE HERE and look out for regular articles on East Riding Mums. 


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