Calling all East Riding Mums out there….roll up!… roll up!..

I would like to introduce to you Sharon Bottomley, she creates the most amazing cakes! 


Dear Sharon, please tell East Riding Mums where your fabulous cake baking talents were derived from and how many years have you baked and decorated cakes?

I’m self taught and have been decorating cakes for nearly 30 years now ! It all started when I saw a hymn book cake in my grandmas women’s weekly and I attempted to make that and it got me hooked! I thought the cake looked great at the time but when  I look back it was obviously shocking 😂😂!! That’s when I started making cakes for family and friends and  still make sure my relatives have a cake on their birthday!

 “A birthday needs a cake!”


What aspect of baking do you love the most?

The best thing about decorating cakes, is that I have got a blank canvas to work on and my ideas just flow! I love making flowers, vintage style and girly glittery ones the most.

12741970_10206625268929388_1151952306040733169_n Where do you get your ideas from?

Funniest cake and most original  I think I did was a toilet cake!! Made for a friends 40th and it had to be something different ! Nobody wanted  to eat the Poo even though that was the tastiest bit, made out of nutty chocolate.

how long does it take to produce one of your beautiful cakes?

Sometimes a so called  ‘simple’ one tier novelty cake can take up to 5 days depending on how complicated it is especially children’s ones with special characters. Some days can I be working on the cakes until the early hours. I won’t go to bed until I finish ‘my creation’ ! It’s very addictive once you start!!


Do you have any baking tips for our readers?

I’d suggest anyone wanting to try and make novelty fondant covered cakes is to allow plenty of time because they are very time consuming and plan what your going to make in advance with drawings. I colour the drawings in to see roughly what they will look like before I start to make them! Novelty cakes with figures take the longest as you have to allow them to dry before finishing them off !


To save time to begin with just buy a shop bought cake to practice on then when  you feel confident enough bake your own and that’s when you know your cake will taste as good as it looks!! Happy baking !20139748_10210971689307181_960411450451191327_n

If you are interested in contacting Sharon for more information about her cakes, please e-mail her: shazzybottbott@icloud.com

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