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East Riding Mums introduce Mister Paste! a delightful new way of creating your homemade curry dishes and soups away from shop bought ready prepared sauces that you can buy in a jar. Let’s get creative in the kitchen, both myself and my partner had so much fun cooking up the Rogan Josh, the review is at the end of the biography of Misterpaste….enjoy!


Misterpaste – why..

My reasons for wanting a new way.. I’d had enough of using bottled sauces and ready meals and wanted to find a simpler and faster way of making a decent home prepared meal with fresh ingredients. Vegetables in bottled sauces can be soft and over-cooked with the sauces being gloopy and oily. Bottled sauces are generally pasteurised (i.e. cooked) and/or full of preservatives to be able to sit in a warehouse or on a shelf for up to 1.5 years. The bottled sauces and ready meals do not really allow you tailor the seasoning to create a taste to your liking. Its frustrating not knowing just how spicy/salty/sweet a sauce would be until you opened the bottle and tasted it. Planning to cook a curry or unusual sauce can be an involved and lengthy process if you don’t have the ingredients and spices to hand. You’ll need to check your cupboards for spices you may have that are not “out of date”, shopping for extra spices and “hard to find” ingredients that you may only use once e.g. galangal, cinnamon bark. I wanted to make this easier by providing a kit containing the hard to find ingredients/spices for you.

So in 2015 I got the seeds of an idea how I could accomplish this goal of providing fresh curry pastes and sauces. During a visit to a commercial food business fare, I happened upon vacuum sealing at home and saw this as my route to be able to package raw clean food. I went through a lot of testing recipes to work out the best and most efficient way to get to my target (involved a lot of eating too) of delivering raw and preservative free pastes/sauces to the time strapped home cook to really have that “made at home” taste.


I saw my target to delivering a kit as needing simplicity, convenience and speed, fresh ingredients, supplying difficult to get ingredients/spices and to allow the control of seasoning during cooking.

1. Simplicity, convenience and speed: I wanted the recipes to be in a format that made the proposed meal simple and quick to prepare with easy to follow instructions to suit all capabilities.

2. Fresh Ingredients: I needed a way to preserve the freshness without cooking or adding preservatives. I create my pastes/sauces with vegetables purchased the same day as I fulfil an order. I sent all my vacuum sealed pastes and sauces to a certified laboratory to test that the products were still fresh up to 21 days after production and sealing. The kits can be frozen so good to have in the freezer.

3. Supply difficult to get ingredients/spices: I experienced in the past that if you needed an unusual spice like cinnamon bark or mace, you had to buy a whole packet just to use one piece and the chances are of using the whole pack before they were out of date were slim. I thought it would be a good idea to package the correct quantity of spices needed in separate sachets which also saves you storage space in your cupboards.

4. Spice, salt, sweetness seasoning control: I thought it would be good to be able to control the seasoning during cooking as you would if you made a meal from scratch. I then able to make the paste without adding chilli, salt or sugar, vacuum seal it for freshness and then separately pack sachets of additional ingredients like chilli, palm sugar, fish sauce etc so you can add these as you cook so you create the flavour you want.

5. Vegetarian/Allergen Free. I wanted to make all the recipes to available to all life styles, I didn’t see why some families should have to cook a separate meal if there is vegetarian or someone with allergies at the table. Some of my recipes are already vegetarian and/or allergen free but I am planning to develop updated recipes of the remaining kits and replace any non-vegetarian or allergen ingredients.

6. Choice of recipes. I looked at what are the some of most known dishes ordered in restaurants and used them for the basis of my initial range of curry pastes. As for the sauces, I’ve not seen them in any restaurants so they are ones I have found and developed to my own taste and hope that many will also share my tastes. I am very fortunate to have Thai and Indian friends who were willing to taste test and comment on my recipes.

7. Benefits. Time saved shopping and preparing. The kits are made to order with fresh ingredients. Save storage. No longer any need to fill up your cupboards with bottles/packets of spices that will probably never be used up and will eventually be thrown away. The kits can be frozen and quickly defrosted. They take up little space in a fridge or freezer.

8. Food Standards Rating. Currently a 4 out of 5 mainly because I am using my home kitchen and not a commercial kitchen in a separate premises.

9. Future plans at the moment are:

a) to get more people to visit and buy from

b) to add more recipes and also add some snacks like prawn crackers with a home made sweet chilli sauce

Rogan josh

Firstly, our Misterpaste Rogan Josh curry paste ingredients arrived very speedily through the post and were packaged very professionally and had all the ingredients individually packaged and labelled. I thought the coconut block was a novelty extra ingredient to add. Below is a picture of a few but not all the ingredients sent to us.


We followed the step by step guide of how to add the curry paste with the stock to the meat and simmer to reduce. We could add as much chilli flakes and spices as we needed and palm sugars. The coconut block was grated down into the mixture and as much yoghurt as we wanted to add was poured in. It really was so much fun to make and especially as a couple!. The method was simple to follow and the added ingredients other than what was supplied only consisted of the meat, yoghurt, chopped tomatoes and stock. I thought the pack was a well thought of combination of ingredients to be compiled together to make the curry. The extra ingredients of palm sugar, coconut, spices and chilli flakes were a bonus! all I thought that I would receive was just the paste…. how delighted I was to see that there was more to this than meets the eye!

I really found the whole experience of making it together as a team with my partner an interesting evening along with a nice glass of red wine. We did manage to argue about the amount of chilli flakes to add! and yoghurt but at the end of the day it really is upto you for your preference how much you’d like. Thoroughly enjoyed the Lamb Rogan Josh that we made and my son who is 12 who doesn’t really like spicy curries, he ate the lot.


We’re  really looking forward to ordering more curry pastes and trying the soups.

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