Valentines Day

Enjoy Valentines Day this year with your loved ones and if your on your own, share this time with family and friends.
This year our guest feature writer Michelle Peterson has kindly wrote us an article on Valentines Day especially for those who are on their own and shares ideas of how to celebrate.

If Valentine’s Day is the holiday for lovers, what’s a single parent to do?

February 14th can be a brutal day for many. Whether they’ve just been through a divorce or they haven’t had the company of someone in quite some time, the holiday can bring up deep feelings of loneliness. The problem with Valentine’s Day is that while most people focus on love, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s usually only that kind of romantic love that you see in Hallmark movies or greeting cards.

In order to tackle Valentine’s Day as a single parent, you have to think outside the box. If you don’t have a sweetheart, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do something spectacular for yourself. And it can even be a great opportunity for bonding with your child!

Have a traditional Valentine’s Day celebration … for yourself.

There’s no reason why a Valentine’s Day date has to be reserved for people in a relationship. As a single person you too deserve to be treated to an extraordinary meal. If you’re a culinary expert, splurge on some high-quality ingredients and make yourself a wonderful dinner. You can let your little one put on their chef’s hat and help you with some basic steps. (And of course, get them their preferred mac ’n’ cheese, personal pizza, or whichever dinner is their favorite – they should have that kind of treat, too!) If cooking isn’t your thing, head out to a restaurant you’ve been dying to try, even better if you know of one where kids eat free. Buy yourself some flowers and chocolate. Buy yourself a Valentine’s Days present. Get a massage. The point is that the holiday gives you a good excuse to splurge on yourself. Don’t be afraid to make yourself happy – you deserve it.

Buck the system

You may not feel like spending a bunch of money on an arbitrary day. Valentine’s Days is just one big commercial holiday, right? If you feel this way, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to be selfless.

Instead of spending money on yourself or a partner, you can donate money to a local or national charity. If you want to make it symbolic, how about a blood donation? Maybe that means no filet mignon for you, but it could help the less fortunate on a day when most people are focused on themselves or those around them. Instead of spending time preparing a lavish celebration, you could use that time working at a food bank or local homeless shelter. Bringing your child along for the experience can teach them the importance of giving back and helping others, and offer a unique setting to spend time together.

Of course, you can always donate your time or money to a good cause and still treat yourself to something special on Valentine’s Day. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Start something new

Ok, so you had a New Year’s resolution. You didn’t keep it. Don’t be too hard on yourself – very few of us manage to stick with the “New Year New Me” motto. It’s not you fault. Life happens.

But there’s another holiday that comes near the beginning of the year – one that can easily be repurposed for self-improvement. Yes, Valentine’s Day. Why not make this year’s lover’s holiday mean more. How about loving yourself enough to start up a new, healthy habit?

Maybe you’ve been packing on the winter weight or simply eating too much meat. How about going vegetarian for a week? Or conversely, you feel like you’ve been eating too much bread and pasta? How about trying a more meat and veggie-based diet for a while?

You can use this Valentine’s Day to stop smoking and start running. You can stop biting your nails and start practicing yoga. If you think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday to focus on yourself and spend time with your little one, the possibilities are endless.

You don’t need a romantic partner to make Valentine’s Day special. In the end, it’s just a made-up holiday – and a recent one at that. That means that you can make it anything you want it to be, and there’s no better way to kick off the coming Spring than doing something to make yourself feel better and bring you closer to your child.

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