Each month we will interview local mums who have started up their own business and find out a bit more about their world….

Name: Aoife Brady

Business: When2 Apple app Watch the YouTube Video

Family: Husband Andy. I have a 4 year old boy getting ready to go to school and a 3 year old bossy girl.

Top tip for something to do with your family that is free, or costs very little: Woodland walks where we hunt for the Gruffalo

Best way to relax once the kids are in bed: Sleeping (Miss bossy wakes us up very early)


Q: Firstly, tell us about When2 

When2 is a calendar app available for download on the Apple App Store. The calendar mimics the functionality of the standard Apple calendar but has the ability to attach photographs (that could be of documents, adverts, billboards or just a smiling face to make your day). Watch the YouTube video here.

Q: How did the idea for When2 come about?

I was inspired by my cluttered handbag which was full of letters, bills which I would come back to another time and flyers of events or classes that I wanted to do with the children. I craved a neater, de-cluttered life and desperately tried to stay organised using the calendar on my phone but there was always a document that I needed or that I’d scribbled notes on that I would action while out and about when the children were napping. Storing them on my phone by taking a photograph became the easiest way to be paperless but as it wasn’t attached to a diary so I often missed things.

Q: Did you have experience in running your own business?  How did you start?

I used to run a mobile cocktail bar business, which was great fun but didn’t fit with the family too well which was when we decided we needed a product and not a service in order to get our work/life balance right.

Q: What’s it like to work at When2?

I stay very busy with the marketing and gaining product awareness side of things now, social media advertising takes up the majority of that time. We have fun creating YouTube story boards for our adverts and the days are very varied holding Skype interviews with fellow developers around the world gaining tips from their experiences. As the app is new to the market we are busy gathering feedback in order to make a schedule of future development changes we will make to the app.

Q: What’s your advice for fellow ‘mumpreneurs’?

Gather opinion on your ideas and be willing to adapt and react to that feedback in order to get the product or service right for your audience.

Oh and of course LOVE what you’re doing

Q: What do you think has been the key to When2’s success? 

Hard hard work and determination

Q: What makes When2 different?

It’s simple approach. The ability to add photographs to a calender. It’s helping keep all your tasks in one device.

The photographs on the calendar can be edited and notes, even audio notes, can be added to the photographs/documents.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Keeping our creative juices flowing which is the side of this venture I love.

The app will have tweaks made to it in order to make the user experience seamless and we will look to increase our portfolio of apps and create its “family” of add ons. My vision is to then create the Android version of the app.

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