Guest Blog Post by Kay Harrison, a journalist and frazzled mum of one. 

So the tiny person in my house is not so tiny any more.

Bryce is now three and a half – and is tall enough to grab sharp knives and screwdrivers off kitchen worktops.

And there has been a worrying development among my group of mum friends. Some have decided now is the time to make siblings for their firstborns.

Bumps are starting to reappear. Glasses of wine are being replaced with elderflower water. Brie is off the menu again.

And the question on EVERYONE’S lips is: “So, when are you having another one?”

Seriously, I am actually considering child No2 just so I don’t have to field this question one more time.

But another addition is a scary prospect.

Yes, I’d love for Bryce to have a little sister or brother. I can’t imagine not having sisters myself.

But I actually got seven hours of undisturbed sleep last night. SEVEN HOURS. I can’t remember the last time I had such a good time in bed.

Also, I can just about juggle being a mum of one, working full time and looking after the other boy in my life – a 6ft 5in bloke from Essex who creates as much trouble as the other one (although, thankfully, that one is toilet trained). Could I cope with another?

The prospect of nine months without being able to crack open the Sauvignon Blanc to full effect is bad enough.

But I still remember Year One as a mum. A baby who would not sleep. Being too scared to go out. Self-doubt. Screams, tears, sickness, the “I’m more tired than you” squabbles.

And one-child families are on the rise, after all – 47% of families have just one, according to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics.

But do I want to be one of them? Or should I take a deep breath and get on with it?

Only someone, please, tell me the old wives’ tale is true – if you had a difficult first baby the next one will be a dream?

Written by:

Kay Harrison (Journalist and frazzled mum of one)