If you are reading this, you most likely have children. Children who are at school/ preschool/ nursery, or soon to start.

Unless you love sewing or ironing name labels (which always fade) and have lots of time on your hands, then read on …

Snappy Tags is a just like a small button, which has your child’s name etched onto it (Snappy Tags guarantee it won’t fade). It is then easily snapped on using the special applicator onto clothes labels within 30 seconds. It’s as simple as that!

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I have now prepared all my little one’s school clothes for September, they don’t irritate and can be next to her skin. I can also reuse them when she grows out of her uniform, and reattach to new clothing (you just need to buy new backs).

Some pointers:

  • Snap the tags onto clothes labels down the side hem of jumpers/ dresses and t-shirts, as opposed to the label at the neck.
  • The product isn’t recommended for use on underwear or cycling shorts (but the back to school kit includes hardwearing sticky labels for these items).

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