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Relish your resolutions! A guide to a happier, healthier New Year.


The New Year. It stretches before us like the beautiful blank pages of a unblemished exercise book. A New Year, a fresh start, and along with this come those faithful resolutions.

January offers the promise of exciting new challenges. However, it can be a daunting time to just even consider placing more demands on an already hectic lifestyle. Christmas is over. It’s cold and dark outside. You’re exhausted and in need of some TLC.

It’s easy to make resolutions, but often not so easy to keep them. At the harshest time of the year, we often choose to make sudden, dramatic changes to our lifestyles. These generally involve denial, punishment and subsequent guilt when we inevitably fail (or we completely forget about them!). The New Year nonetheless, provides a great opportunity to reflect on our current lifestyle and the small changes we can make, one at a time, to move us in a positive direction.

If you are planning on making changes, the questions below are designed to help you start this process. Take a few minutes to look at them and think of your answers. Write them down in a notebook or on a scrap of paper. With this preparation, you already have a greater chance of success and overcoming any obstacles on the way:

What are my hopes for the New Year?

Are there any changes I would like to make? What are they?

Why is that important to me?

How will I be able to tell that I have been successful?

How I feel when I am successful?

How will it affect those around me?

How will I feel if I don’t achieve this?

What steps will I need to take to get me to where I want to be?

How can I make this fit into my current routine?

What could get in the way of my achieving this?

What will I do when things get tough?

What can I keep with me to remind me why this is important (photo, object, note…)?

How will I reward myself?

What one thing can I do, right now, to start this process? Do it!


 One more thing before I go!

Although most of us have a natural instinct to criticise our own actions, we are instinctively more supportive around others. A great way to maintain our own positivity and focus is to support someone else who is also making changes in their lifestyle. In being enthusiastic and supportive of another person, we have the opportunity to reflect on our own situation more objectively and can become more confident and determined in achieving our own goals.


Be kind to yourself and here’s to a great 2016! PRINT OUT TO GET STARTED….



Helen Thorburn has worked in education for the past 15 years both as a teacher and in an advisory capacity. Having experienced the positive impact of coaching on young people’s lives through her work in inclusion, she has progressed to coaching adults. She is currently working towards her Level 2 & 3 Diplomas in Life Coaching and delivered her first well being retreat, in conjunction with Angela Stone Yoga instructor, this September at The Orange Tree in Rosedale. Look out for regular articles, when Helen will provide East Riding Mums with advice and tips on how to cope with modern family life.


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